I love making lists.

My To-Bake-or-Make List
(in no particular order)

In general:
1. French Macarons
2. Homemade Puff Pastry (One attempt)
3. Swiss Roll
3. Angel food cake
4. Homemade dulce de leche (one attempt using fresh milk)
5. Red Velvet Cake
6. Devil's Food Caake
7. A Super Rich Cheesecake (as in with 1 kg creamcheese!)
8. Homemade marshmallows
9. Homemade fudge
10. Biscotti
11. Fondant
12. A cake that uses almond four
13. Croissants
14. Whoopie pies (which I called Whoopsie Pies)
15. A Charlotte (done, years  ago and I didn't even know what it was called. may need to re-attempt this)
16. Bread pudding
17. Homemade mayonnaise
18. Homemade mascarpone cheese
19. Panna cotta
20. The NYT chocolate chip cookies
21. Homemade chocolate hazelnut pread a.k.a.  Nutella
22. Homemade peanut butter cups (they seem to be the craze in blogs and I can't find any here)
23. Homemade Hershey's Syrup (since they're not Halal certified)
24. Lemon curd
25. Nanaimo bars
26. Pavlova
27. Snickerdoodles
28. Cream puffs
29. An Upside-Down cake
30. Layer cake
31. Boston Cream Pie
32. Lasagna
33. Homemade ice-cream

My To-Buy List
(also in no particular order. What? You'd like to get me something on the list? Shoot.Me.An.Email.Now.)

1. A Stand Mixer
2. A hand whisk (I've one gigantic one & I wrecked the regular-sized one Mum got me)
3. A digital scale
4. A springform cake pan (any size/shape)
5. Candy thermometer
6. More cake pans (6" & 9" round cake pans)
7. More pie pans
8. A larger and longer rolling pin
9. A nice camera of my own (I'm currently using Big Sister's digital camera)
10. A macaron baking sheet (I'm just greedy)
11. A Tablet  (for, ahhem, easier browsing while in the kitchen)
12. Good-quality piping bags
13. Piping tips and coupler
14. My dream flour sifter (this sort, we only have this)
15. Vanilla beans
16. Ramekins

My To-Do List
1. Change/Improve blog layout
2. Add an 'About' page
3. Add a 'Dictionary' page
4. Learn to take better, if not splendid, photos
5. Post all those drafts (I shall never be able to cross this out!)
6. Learn.to.cook.and.post.recipes.uh-huk.

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