Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short update

Just a sort note to say that:

- I won't be able to post any updates for a while because my laptop went and gave up on me. Huhu. Need to get it fixed first.
- I haven't posted any updates because I was busy with convocation, but as soon as my laptop is all right I'll post about that. I had a good time- my siblings gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers and a HUGE teddy bear, haha
- I'm giving Big Sister's camera back to her... even though my photos were kind of lousy, I still had pictures to post and that's better than nothing. It won't be as fun posting about my baking adventures without any pictures to accompany the text though.

So tata for now! I feel bad if people come here and find that there's nothing new to read, but at the moment it can't be helped. Thank you though, for all your lovely, lovely comments, I truly appreciate it! I'll make my best effort to still go and visit your blogs- hopefully my laptop will be okay soon! Until then, take care!


  1. awww..! hope u get it fixed and you can blog again =)
    I haven't blogged in a while either ><" haha

  2. CC: Thanks! It's better now, I'm just too lazy to update
    Tray: Yeah I noticed you didn't have any new posts. I guess you're busy :)
    Hafeez: Haha...well just don't hack into my blog like your Big Bro...


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