Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life is Good with Good Friends

   I went to meet my friend Wawa when I was in KL.

   I delivered the apple pie I made her.

   Since it was her birthday a few weeks ago, she got the pie pan as a gift. Hehe.

   She treated me to lunch. Yahhu! We had lunch at a food court at Times Square. The food court was interesting, it had stalls selling dishes from different Asian countries like Malaysia (of course!), Thailand, Japan, Korea, China and India, I think.

   This is what I had. Nasi Goreng Tomyam. There wasn't anything particularly Tomyam-my about it, but whatever. It was free!

   Wawa had a Korean lunch. I quite like Kimchi. I don't love it, but I can swallow it. Hehe. The beef was particularly good:

   Wawa also got some sushi. I love sushi!

   I hope we can go out again Wawa! I'll bring you a cake in exchange for  lunch next time!


  1. waaaa....bestnyer!nape maiyah x dtg shah alm?..hehe...rindu dkt wawa, maiyah n all tesl girls...meleleh ayaq liuq tgk yummy food...dok mkn je time cuti ni..hehe

  2. Best kan makan2? hehe. Especially kalau free... Ingat nak pegi gak Shah Alam, tapi weekend I pegi tempat lain, kalau weekdays mesti you pegi keje kan...

  3. Korean calls it kimbap la dear XD.. Nxt time i want cheeese cake LOLOL..

  4. Wawa: Ha'a, betul gak kan. Dah tercampur Jepun dgn Korea. Xpela, yang penting sedap and free!!!!


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