Sunday, July 17, 2011

About this Blog

   What the heck am I doing, with a third blog?

   Well, the truth is, after seeing so many food blogs out there, I wanted one of my own. I love baking, but I never really realised how crazy I was about it since I didn't have a lot of time to spend on it. After arriving home and having too much free time at home, as well as some money to spend on buying ingredients that I wanted without having to ask from Mum, I went on a baking spree... and have yet to stop. I'm crazy. I am at the moment quite crazy. I've been baking almost everyday this past week, and sometimes I made two or three things in one day. Crazy. Huh. So I wanted to write about all the craziness.

   The truth is, I am pretty much still a novice at baking. And I am definitely a complete novice at cooking! I'm better at baking than at making everyday meals or 'lauk pauk'. I need to learn. I should have started learning a long time ago. I can fry an egg, and have once or twice make some decent dishes, but I still have a long way to go. If I ever manage to make something edible and capture it in a photo, I'll post about it here.

   I'm also a picky eater. I used to hate vegetables with a vengeance, but now I have developed a somewhat good relationship with some of their kind. I've yet to be introduced to the others, and some I don't think I'll ever love (like peas...ugh), but please bear with me. I've come a long way from back then. If I find some good veggie dishes that I like, I'll write about it. If I remember to.

   I'm also a Muslim, and therefore I only eat halal food. In this blog, I'd like to include useful info about what halal is and halal certifications around the world, etc. While I hope it'll be useful to Muslims, I think it may also provide some useful insight to non-Muslims who may have Muslim friends. Maybe it'll help you to understand them better or to prepare food for Muslim guests or something.


    I also write in two other blogs:

       The entries I post here are mostly about my experience about teaching. I trained to be an English teacher for six years, and am currently waiting for the posting results, which they say (they say) is due anytime now. Anytime from now to August. Or September. I try to post entries that have to do with teaching only so I don't really write about personal stuff here (except if they have anything to do with teaching. Or posting. Hoho).

        This is a blog that I share with my two sisters. At first , I wrote all the more personal stuff here, but it didn't feel right because it wasn't my blog. In this blog, we mostly write about various topics like Islam, and try to post updates about ourselves so that we can keep up with each other's news. I posted a few entries about my attempts at baking here, so you can head over and have a look if you like.


   By having this blog, I can write as much as I want about baking and cooking, and hopefully I'll be able to post often. If I slip in a few other things that don't fit in the other two blogs here, don't mind me. 

   I am still looking for a good name for this blog but so far I've settled for "What's Cooking, Teacher?" because I am a teacher by profession (or waiting to be officially initiated as one) and it will pretty much be a big part of my life.

   All the recipes I post will probably be my own version of other recipes that I find and try. I'll try to always remember to credit the original sources. I also DO NOT own a digital camera (waaaahhhhhh) so I'm sorry if the photos aren't much to look at. I only have a camera phone, which takes decent if not good photos, but that phone gave up on me and is yet to be repaired, so I make do with my Dad's camera phone, which takes 'viewable' photos. Oh, well. You take what you get.

   Thanks for reading.

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