Thursday, August 25, 2011

Looking forward to Raya Bakes!!!

   Abuya a.ka. is an absolute dear when it comes to fulfilling his children's wishes. He went and bought all these baking ingredients for me and I couldn't wait to start when I saw them! I've already made some cookies, and hopefully I'll be able to share them with here soon.

   I'd just though I'd showcase photos of some of the ingredients here. Though they may seem normal for most bakers, I'm still excited because baking ingredients are quite expensive and we rarely spend a lot on them. I love seeing how much I have on hand to experiment and have fun with!

Three different kinds of chocolate chips.
Butterscotch, chocolate and uhm... black and white?
I love choc chips.
The three different kinds remind me of a recipe I saw at Bakerella's... hmm...

Baking chocolate, but this isn't the bitter kind. There's a hint of sugar in it.
I prefer the last kind that I bought. That you could eat on its own.

Dessicated coconut- been sitting on the shelf for quite a long time. I should get to work and use them.
Cornflakes- though I'd prefer Kellogg's, using these for baking should be fine.

Ever since we moved to Kelantan, I buy most of my baking stuff at Barang Kita.
It's a bakery store and it has quite a lot of interesting and of course useful stuff.

Yes, halal gelatine!
Please visit their website for more information.

Brown sugar!
I love working with brown sugar.
Recipes that use them somehow tend to  produce better results! (I think)
And Ummi says they're a lot healthier than plain old granulated white sugar.

And an assortment of flavourings, colourings and whatnot.
Hehe... messy. I should get around to arranging them.

   In the future I plan to share some stories about the ingredients that I use and where I purchase them. I'd like to write about my search for Halal certified products too. I hope the information will be useful for Muslims who (happen to, if they ever do, stumble upon and) read this blog. I also hope it will help non-Muslims understand better about why eating halal food is important to Muslims. You may have some Muslim friends, and you want to make something for them to eat. Well, I hope I can help you in my own small ways.


  1. The butterscotch chips look great - any plans how you'll use them?

  2. They are great! I've used them in cookies (I'll upload recipes later) as well as in this lovely Butterbeer Blondie recipe: They're really good!

  3. Hi Sumaiyyah! I like your new baking blog and so glad that you started it =) Am looking forward to reading all your posts! (and also using your recipes!) Is it hard to get baking ingredients/equipment in Malaysia? I love getting new equipment!!

  4. Hey Tray, thanks! I'm glad you like the blog, I hope you can teach me a thing or two. Well, it's not exactly difficult to get things here, it's just that some things are a little expensive. I love getting new equipment too, I have a very2 long wishlist hehe ;)


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